Hit The Ground Running!

Most students, myself included, take spring break as a time to completely forget all of the stress that has built up from the beginning of the semester and simply enjoy the time off.  We forget, however, that when the one week is over we still have to come back and finish what we started throughout the semester.  For many we clear our minds of what was to be done and what is going to be needed in the near future and take a step back from the worries built up.

A break is well necessary every now and then to keep our minds fresh and allow us to produce the best work possible.  Built up street clouds our minds giving us less space to focus on completing a task to the best of our abilities.

As soon as Monday morning hits and reality sets back we are forced to (as the caption expresses) hit the ground running.  Meaning, we are forced back into the stress of what we left behind that week having less than no time to ease back into the many assignments promptly due.  Once we head back into classes teachers quickly remind us that we have deadlines to meet and work to get finished before a penalty is placed.
The first week back is the hardest, which almost makes you wonder why not just go through without any breaks and finish the semester earlier.
It’s hard because your mind was switched to vacation mood, but not far after you are forced into handing in your pan and tilt and get started immediately on your 12 miles of Christmas.

Enjoy your vacation time well, but don’t stress the last few semester weeks.  You’re almost there!


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