Here you will be able to find some fascinating things about myself that you would not have known before:

  1. I absolutely love the beach; the sand in my toes, the warm sun rays on my face, a gentle breeze kissing my skin and the gentle water hugging me as I swim around.
  2. I have 2 sisters that are both younger than me and all of us look nothing at all alike.
  3. My family is anything, but small…
  4. My mom’s mom is one of 3 girls (plus a brother), my mom is one of 3 girls and she birthed 3 girls
  5. I have 6 cousins just from my mother’s 2 sisters
  6. I am the first born child for my mother, the first grandchild for both of my grandmothers as well as great-grandmothers, I am also the first niece for my aunts and uncles; whew, lots of pressure
  7. I still have both of my great-grandmothers alive and well today; they are both still up and about and one is still driving herself around the place
  8. My family is a huge melting pot; I come from cultures such as Indian to Lebanese
  9. I have had an array of pets growing up as a child; I had turtles, fish, baby chicks, a rabbit, birds (parrots) and dogs
  10. I could eat food all day, 24/7, and people would never fail to ask me “where do I put it”
  11. I am always hungry… food is the passage to my heart
  12. My favorite meal is anything to do with pasta; I eat pasta at least once a day; Italian is my favorite cuisine although I will eat just about anything
  13. I have been on 2 cruises so far in my lifetime.
  14. I have travelled as far north as Alaska and as far south as Chile
  15. I spent an entire month in Spain and fell completely in love with it
  16. I love traveling, experiencing new things and getting to know other cultures; my goal in life is to reach to every continent (only 4 more left)
  17. I have worn glasses for most of my life and I still do today; I am, however, only blind in my right eye and almost 20/20 in my left
  18. I am what some might call “a neat freak”; I cannot stand to see clutter or mess for too long of a time because it makes me anxious; most people don’t like to clean, well I do
  19. I have gotten my lifesaving certificate and completed the course when I was younger; so if you are ever drowning just come find me!
  20. I have possibly been to every single math tutor on the island of Antigua; I’m just bad at math… that’s why I turned to media
  21. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity both in Canada and Miami
  22. I volunteered with the Miami Wine and Food festival (yumm)
  23. I have a fear of heights, but I love to test my fears and challenge myself
  24. I have mastered the skill of photography all on my own; I learn through doing and trying
  25. I got my first (one and only) professional camera when I was 18 years old! (I love photography of all sorts)