The life of Jessica, so far, has taken her all over the world both for school and pleasure.  She started out in Jamaica where she was born and raised and completed her time at preschool as well as a few years in elementary school.  She was then moved to Antigua, located in the lesser antilles, with her immediate family where she completed the rest of her elementary years including her high school education.  Afterwards, she then travelled to Canada to complete grades twelve and thirteen in order for her to figure out what it was she would enjoy doing for the rest of her life.  While she attended school in Canada, she took a multimedia class in which she would film the school plays and have hands on experience with production equipment.  Her final project was to format and create her own dvd, from the cover artwork to CD artwork and filming her own movie footage.  She got experience using different cameras, lighting and film techniques, which quickly intrigued her passion for media.  Here is where she decided that she loved editing and creating so much that she would pursue her career in advertising.

Once she had endured enough cold weather and snow she moved to Florida to complete her Bachelor of Advertising degree.  She is currently finishing up her degree at Florida International University and waiting to see what the future has ahead of her.  She is involved in Photography Club, American Marketing Association and Habitat for Humanity where she can gain more experience and be surrounded by people with similar interests.

Along the way she has travelled through Europe, Alaska, South America and some of the Caribbean Islands.  In the future she hopes to reach to places in Africa, Australia and keep exploring new places in her free time. Seeing new things, meeting new people and making fun memories is definitely her passion as a hobby as well as recording each moment along the way.. She’s awaiting her next adventure.


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